15 Food Items You Need In Crisis

Survival FoodsIn this post I am going to show you list of food items that sold out within few minutes whenever any disaster strikes. These 37 food items are enough to keep you alive for few weeks. By planning ahead and having these foods in your survival bag you don’t have to travel to the potential dangerous road, fight with large number of people or pay extra for foods items.

Whenever there is hurricane or tornado warning people prefer to stock everyday foods items such as bread, milk and water. These food items are good if you don’t have access to marketplace for one or two days but these foods become useless when disaster strike and especially when there is no water.

So, it is important to have food items that have long shelves life and don’t become useless when there is no power supply in your area. Let’s take a look on these foods items.

Food Items That Must Be Part of Your Stockpile:

Food #1 – Water:

Water is essential for survival. Without food you can live for 7-8 days but without water you can’t survive more than 3 days. It is recommended to have enough water in your stockpile. If disaster last for 2 weeks then you should have enough water for 2 weeks and if disaster last for 2 months then you should have enough water for 2 months. However, it is difficult to have water for longer period that is why you should learn water filtering skill or purchase good water filtering device. Take a look on this post that explains how to purify water with minimum equipments.

Food #2 – Pasta:

Pasta is another great food to stock. This is because pasta contains nutrition that your body needs every day. Additionally, pasta has very long shelves life as well.

Food #3 – Rice:

Rice is the grain that you should be present every time. Firstly uncooked rice has great shelves life and second you can steam rice in almost any stove. This is the great emergency food.

Food # 4 – Canned Soup:

If you want something delicious in your stockpile then add canned soup. Canned soups are delicious and you can prepare them in any type of stove. Similar to rice, they also have long shelf life. Additionally canned soup can provide instant energy to your body.

Food #5 – Cereals:

Cereals are important to keep your body working properly and they have long shelf life as well. They are delicious and easy to prepare. Even Kids don’t make any fuss in eating them.

Food #6 – Cooking Oil:

Cooking oil is essential for preparing food. You must include healthy olive oil that has long shelf life in your stockpile.

Food #7 – Grains:

Grains are known as stock-friendly food because they have very long shelf life but, proper storing is necessary. A recently discovered barrel of wheat from ancient Greek is still in good form. Whenever disaster strikes grain sellers often get sold-out or increases grain price. So prepare ahead to avoid any trouble.

Food #8 – Sports Drink:

When any disaster strikes normally you have to work outside or travel on your foot that will make you tired very quickly. For this reason Sports drink is essential survival food.

Food #9 – Dried Fruits:

Dried fruits are delicious and they can turn any emergency food from boring to delicious. Additionally, dried fruits have long shelf life and it must be in your stockpile if you are having kids in your family.

Food #10 – Power Bars:

Along with sports drink, you must include power bar as well. Your body needs instant energy to work on extreme heat or cold and there is no better way than power bar to refill energy anytime and anywhere. When storing power bar then make sure to don’t include power bars that are covered with chocolates as chocolates melt quickly in heat and it is difficult to store chocolate covered power bar for longer period.

Food #11 – Coffee:

We all know a cup of coffee in the morning that supply good amount of energy in our body but if you are not a coffee addict then stocking it should not be your top priority. By adding sports drink and power bar you already have enough food to supply instant energy in your body.

Food #12 – Instant rice:

If you don’t know about instant rice then you must be living in Stone Age. This is because instant rice is the top survival food. You just need boiling water and few minutes to heat to prepare instant rice.

Food #13 – Alcohol:

I am sure many people will surprise to know alcohol in this survival food list. Let me explain. First of all alcohol can be good stress reliever and additionally you can use alcohol for medicinal purpose such as reliving pain.

Food #14 – Milk:

If you are having cereal in your stockpile then you must include milk as well. However it is difficult to store fresh milk for longer period but you can stock condensed or powdered milk in your stockpile. Condensed milk and powdered milk both have longer shelf life than fresh milk. You should consider storing powdered milk as it has longer shelf life than condensed milk and relatively easy to store for longer period. Additionally milk can be use for baking, cooking and drinking as well.

Food #15 – Canned Foods:

You can include canned meat, vegetables and fruits in your stockpile. If you are planning to store meat then you must store it in can with proper packing. Avoid storing beef because it take longer to prepare beef instead replace beef with chicken as it can easily be prepare on any type of stove.


Besides storing these foods you must learn how to protect your electronic device. This is because whenever you are in undetected place you must know how to send signals to help agencies to locate you and provide professional help. For this reason I would like to recommend Survive The End Days in which Nathan Shepard explains how to create Faraday Cage that protects your all electronic devices and make sure you remain connected with the world even when disaster strikes.