Three Most Important Survival Skills For Every Prepper

Basic Survival SkillsIf you want to survive with your family then it is important for you to learn as many survival skills as possible. Undoubtedly, there are many skills available all over the internet that can help you to survive with your family. But if you want to lead the pack and want to survive with your family then there are only three skills that you need most. I want you to learn them, try them and master them so you can use these skills anytime and anywhere.

Note: There are many methods for every skill that we mentioned below but I mentioned only easies, safest and quickest method. However, we encourage you to learn as many methods as possible to perform these survival skills.

Here are these three important survival skills:

Survival Skill #1 – Purify Water:

Purify water

This is the number one skill in the list of skills for prepper. This is because body needs at least 2-3 liters a day to survive. Your body can live only 3 days without any drop of water. So it doesn’t matter where you are going to survive with your family you have to make sure you have sufficient water for your family.

What will happen when you ran out of drinking water? This is where you need purifying water skill. With the help of purifying water skill you can easily purify contaminated water.

Boiling water is the top method to purify any water and you only need water to reach its boiling point to make it drinkable but what will happen when you don’t have any source to provide heat. You may don’t have access to stove, campfire or barbecue every time especially when you are on move. So I found an easy method to purify contaminated water with the use of just plastic water bottle.

Solar Disinfection Method to Purify Water

  • Consider all the water available around you is automatically contaminated
  • Locate a good condition that has good sunlight and a plastic water bottle
  • Check the bottom of the plastic water bottle and noted if it contains recycle symbol with number 1 in it.
  • Locate a source of surface water that is not too cloudy
  • Filled the bottle with water and hold the newspaper or piece of water (something written on it) on the other side of the bottle. Make sure you can read newspaper and thus the water is clean enough
  • If there is overcast on sky then you have to keep bottle outside for 48 hours and if sky is clear then put bottle in direct sunlight for 6 hours

This solar disinfection method is the easiest way to purify water. Although this method of purifying water kills 99% germs from water but it doesn’t treat chemically contaminated water. Overall this is simple technique to purify water and it needs almost no hard work.

Survival Skill #2 – Set A Fire:

Set a fire

Setting a fire is another important survival skill that every prepper must know. Fire has numerous benefits. If you know how to set fire then you can provide heat to your body. Fire can keep you alive when it is extremely cold.

It is fire that separate Stone Age human from modern human as we can cook food, boil water and keep body temperature normal at the same time. However, it is really difficult for beginners to start fire because most time they try to light bigger piece of wood. It is necessary to gather kindling and other small items to set fire. Put burning kindling and small items under the piece of wood you intent to set fire.

Additionally, to ensure ignition every time is to make a small bag full of common household materials that provide strong and long lasting flame. Here are steps on how you can prepare small bag to set fire.

Steps to Set Fire On:

  • Collect at least 10-12 pieces of empty toilet paper roll cupboards
  • Buy rubbing alcohol from supermarket or drug store
  • Get few pieces of cotton balls
  • Put few drops of rubbing alcohol on cotton balls
  • Use wet cotton balls to stuff toilet paper roll cupboards
  • Place suffed rolls into Ziploc bags
  • Give a roller squirt of rubbing alcohol and then sealed the bag

This bag will give you humble fire starter that is reliable ignition. Alcohol burns fast and hot and the whole combination will give you powerful and long lasting flame then you can put kindling and small items over it to set fire on bigger piece of wood. These fire starters in your emergency bag will take frustration out of starting a fire.

Survival Skill #3 – Stop Bleeding With Tourniquet:


If you want to learn only one medical aid skill then it should be application of Tourniquet. This is because disaster situation can provide laceration and you don’t want laceration to run out of bleed in matter of few minutes.

By learning the right way to use Tourniquet you can control bleeding of your wounded family member. A $25 Combat Application Tourniquet is much better than improvising one. Tourniquet is mostly used for medical aid as it is very common in military but it can also be use in ‘fire hose’ and ‘geyser’ as well.

Here are steps on how to apply Tourniquet step by step:

  • Find the wounded part and make sure it should be on either leg or arm
  • Apply powerful pressure to the wound and elevated the wound
  • Wound may not stop bleeding even if it is heavy pressure is applied after 15 seconds
  • Placed the Tourniquet on affected limb and at about 2” proximal to the wound (that is closer to heart but not on a joint)
  • Tighten the Tourniquet first with Velcro scalp and then with the windlass till there is no pulse felt downstream of the wound
  • Help the injured person to sit on restful position and seek for medical help

Use tourniquet to stop bleeding until professional help arrive. It is necessary to have 4 or 5 of these in your bag.


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